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* Special Statement On Basement Flooding *

Q:Do you do install septic systems?
A:No we do not install, but we will reccommend a company we trust, if needed.

Q:Can I be put on a septic reminder list?
A:Yes. We have a maintanence program that we can add you to.

Q:What is the strangest thing you have found in a tank or a drain?
A:We have seen it all. From personal belongings to wads of hundred-dollar bills (as seen in the picture below).

Q:Is the business all family?
A:Yes, three generations of family are currently in the business.

Q:Where are you located?
A:4200 Simon Road off of Midlothian Boulevard in Boardman (as seen in the picture below).

Source: Google Map Search

Q:How can I properly use my garbage disposal if I have a septic system?
A:Just don't overload it with grease materials.

Q:Where do you take the waste after you've pumped a septic tank or grease trap?
A:We properly dispose of the waste at Struthers Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Q:Should I be using Rid-X or something like that?
A:Yes. Regular use will help prolong the life of your system.

Q:Can my filter bed be cleaned?
A:Yes. We use a high pressure water truck to clean each line.

Q:Can you clean footer drains?
A:Yes. We can either clean or video footers depending on the situation.