› Main Sewers

  Located in the basement, this is the main clean-out for the house. Most are 100 feet or less. General cleaning involves using a 5 inch cutter blade, through a proper clean out. Most other companies use a 3 in. or less cutter; Resulting in the problem only being fixed temporarily. We pride ourselves on using the largest cutter possible and getting the job done right the first time.

* Special Statement On Basement Flooding *

› Floor Drains

Generally, floor drains are smaller drains in the basement or garage. Many can be found under wash tubs, the center of a basement, basement showers, etc. We use the largest cutter possible for each drain.

› Downspouts

Common cause of stoppage is leaves, dirt, roots and roofing materials. A main sewer machine is used for this job.

› Kitchen Sinks

  With decades of experience, our servicemen know the twists and turns of smaller, more delicate drains.

› Bathtubs

  Most clogs in bath tubs are caused by hair and soap scum build-up. Our experienced servicemen knows how to handle the job.