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Video inspection is often used for old drains that have not been maintained or where other cleaning has not been successful. Our equipment will show if there is a problem, where it is located, and the depth of the problem area. We identify the stoppage and determine what is needed to solve the problem. Many times, we can further clean with a main sewer machine or high pressure water jet. Other situations may call for an excavation contractor. Morris Drain Service does not excavate and stands to gain no profit by recommending excavation--this is a worst-case senario. We will provide you with proper footage to show the excavator of your choice where we have pinpointed the problem. We can also recommend several contractors whom we trust for your situation.

Morris Drain Service Video Inspection Camera Monitor Screen System USB, Jump Drive, Stick, SD Card, DVD, VHS,

We provide footage in most digital mediums. Most popularly, a secure YouTube link. We also support USB stick, SD card, and DVD. Location and graphic drainage mapping are available in commercial and residential situations.

Morris Drain Service Video Inspection Camera Lens Reel, 200', Location, Locate, Map, Mapping, Sewer

Our equipment can view up to 200 feet with the camera system. Beyond that, location is possible up to 500 feet with the use of a location device attached to our high pressure water hose. Our locator will sense at depths up to 18 feet. Drain access for this equipment is limited to an opening size of at least 2 inches.

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