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How It Happens

  Unfortunately, areas within the Mahoning valley and adjacent watersheds suffer flooded basements during significant weather events. Main storm sewers become overburdoned due to the ever increasing input into outdated, inadequate drainage systems. Failing storm sewers alone can cause immense damage, but not nearly be as harmful as a failing sanitary sewer. Often, antiquated systems bypass and/or overflow from storm to sanitary sewers and vice versa. When they mix, the liquid is as harmful and bacterial as raw sewage.

What You Can Do

  Should you have stumbled upon this page and currently have a flooded basement or backed up main sanitary due to flooding, there are a few steps you can take:

  1. Quarantine. -- Stay away from the liquid and keep pets and belongings to higher ground. Or your ground floor. Bacteria from the liquid can easily spread.

  2. Identify. -- Take a step back from the mess and assess the situation. It is important to know what to tell a professional before they arrive. If the liquid is crystal-clear with no apparent odor, it is likely a footer issue, which we can resolve once the water has seeped down. If the liquid is opaque and pungent, flowing with paper and waste, it is a backup caused by backflow from the city sewer. Again, once it has been allowed to seep down, it is something we can resolve.

  3. Call. -- Armed with the knowledge of your issue to the best of your ability, get on schedule with us as early as possible. During significant weather events, we receive many calls asking questions that this page answers. Often, we are requested to pump out a flooded basement. This is ill-advised due to the cost per load and the fact that--more often than not, it will drain itself.

  4. Prevent. -- It may sound silly to call us after the flood has done its damage and drained down. But identifying the underlying issue and providing steps to prevent future issues is something we do on a daily basis.

Now Relax!

  You can rest assured, we do not excavate, plumb, or waterproof. This means we stand to gain nothing from unnecessary, additional steps. Our priority is to resolve your issue and only if absolutely necessary, recommend additional procedures.

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